Class Project 2020

This project saw us visualizing how we would spread the word about BUBBL’R Antioxidant Water, a Milwaukee product.  I wanted to play off the fun that BUBBL’R’s cans and branding exudes as well as Wisconsinites love of a fair or festival.  The ‘Sconnie Slang Booth is an interactive booth where visitors are welcomed to play a trivia game to see if they can identify multiple Wisconsin Slang phrases.  If they get all the answers correct they’re entered into a drawing to win Packers tickets.  The booth itself is bright and playful just like BUBBL’R and the prizes are irresistable to most Wisconsinites. 

A closer look at the 'Sconnie Slang Booth
Directional Signage plays off 'Sconnie accents as well.
'Sconnie Slang Terms
Prizes for the folks that only get a few answers correct
Prizes for those that know the most 'Sconnie Slang
The Grand Prize visitors can win if their name is drawn.