Here you’ll find a variety of other work I’ve done throughout my school career.  Most are single pieces that can’t be categorized.


Surrealistic Photo Manipulation

This was one of my first school projects designed to build our photo manipulation skills.  I took some inspiration from the love I had for Chris Van Allsburg’s dark illustrations growing up.  I wanted the piece to have an almost nightmare-y feel to it. 





Super Mario Bros Infographic

This fun little piece was another of my earlier  pieces.  I think it’s cute, and it’s fun to look back and see how much I’ve improved. 


Why It Pays to Revisit Past Work

Speaking of improvement, another of my earlier pieces was this poster for the Revivalists show in Milwaukee in 2018.  I took a peek at it and reworked it earlier this year to reflect the knowledge I’ve gained.  

The original piece lacked depth and was hard to read. 

I’d like to think the rework is much more legible, with more depth and character.