Conscious Beauty started out as a class projected designed to promote a less destructive relationship between humans and nature.  It evolved over the course of the semester into a living, breathing website.  Designed to show users how the impact that their beauty products have on the environment and what all those ingredients truly are. 

Clean Design

The design features a clean background, getting it’s brightness and warmth from the natural imagery throughout the site.  The menus are clean and feature easy to read drop downs.  

Site Broken Down By Category

Easy to read categories like “Why Go Eco” and “Ingredients”  take users right to where they want to go.  

Categories Are Designed to Educate Users

Each category features a series of pages designed to tell users more about different aspects of

Designed to Educate

Conscious Beauty isn’t just about makeup.  It’s designed to educate users and show them how making simple changes can make an impact. 

A Searchable Ingredients List

The coup de grace of the site is the Ingredients list.  Searchable by ingredient or in alphabetical order.  Easily find the ingredient you’re looking for. 

Easy to Read Ingredient Info 

Once you’ve found the ingredietn you’re looking for you’re able to see an easy to read breakdown of the ingredient.   You can also see if it’s natural or toxic, vegan or threatens wildlife.  Users are able to see exactly what’s in their makeup in a language that’s understandable. You can also hover over ingredients in the list to see the breakdown without clicking. 

Visit Conscious Beauty

While Conscious Beauty is a continual work in progress you’re welcome to check the site out and cheer it on: